What do you need to know about cider?

Cider is an alcoholic beverage with a low alcohol content (2%) that results from the fermentation of apple juice. It is a very popular drink and is loved by many consumers because of its benefits.  This article explains how to prepare cider and the benefits of cider.

How to prepare cider?

The preparation of cider requires important procedures. For more information, navigate to this site. To prepare cider, you need to:

- Collect apples.

- Wash and crush the apples. At this point you must first wash the apples. Then grind them with an apple mill or crush them in a mortar. After crushing, they should be put in a macerator to improve their flavour.

- Pressing. After maceration, the crushed apples are crushed with a press. The juice is then obtained, which in turn is macerated for about 10 days.

- Fermentation of the cider. In the vat where the maceration was done, the waste will be separated from the juice. This will result in the formation of the brown cap on top and the lees underneath. It is the extracted clarified juice that will be used to make cider. Note that it is the fermentation that transforms the sugar into alcohol.

- Blending. To make the blend, the juice must be filtered to obtain a clearer cider.

- Bottling. Here the previously obtained clear juice has to be put in the bottles. But before doing so, the bottles must be sterilised.

Why should we drink cider ?

Cider is the lowest calorie alcoholic drink. It prevents our blood sugar from rising because it is prepared without the addition of sugar. Cider is rich in potassium and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Cider helps the body to function properly by having a positive effect on high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. It promotes digestion because it contains sorbitol. Cider is also rich in polyphenol.