What do I need to know about motorbike insurance?

You have a motorbike that has no insurance. But every time, your friends talk to you about motorbike insurance. The problem is that you are unaware of this type of insurance, which is nevertheless very important. To help you better understand its importance, we invite you to read the contents of this article.

The role and different types of motorbike insurance

A motorbike insurance is an official document that saves you from additional costs in case of traffic accidents. With insurance, you can easily pay nothing in case of road accidents. The insurance will cover the costs. You have just been given additional info. With motorbike insurance, the damage caused to others in a road accident is covered by the insurance agency. However, if you are injured yourself, you are responsible for the costs. This is the role of third party insurance. If someone else injures you on the road with their motorbike, their insurance will pay for you. You also have intermediate insurance (third party +). Here, in the event of fire or theft of your motorbike, the costs of compensation are included in your insurance cover. For the types of motorbike insurance, you have comprehensive insurance. This is the most comprehensive insurance with a wide range of guarantees. This compensates you in case of major or minor damage: accidents, injuries, bodily harm, ...

The advantages and limitations of motorbike insurance

When we talk about motorbike insurance, we must recognise that it concerns users of two-wheeled vehicles. Such insurance is of paramount importance. Its advantages are numerous. Among these, you have : - For third parties: if you are responsible for an accident, your insurance will pay compensation to the person you have injured. If you are the victim, it is the insurance company of the person at fault that will compensate you. This is the least you can do if you own a motorbike. The problem here is that this insurance does not cover your own damage. - For the intermediate formula: Here, theft and fire are part of your motorbike insurance contract. But beware! If your motorbike is simply parked and stolen, the insurance will not be able to do anything. Unless your motorbike has an anti-theft policy. - For all risks: At this stage, the guarantees are broader and complete. However, the problem is that this insurance does not necessarily cover your own damage in the event of an accident.