What are the requirements to become an Uber driver?

 Becoming an Uber driver is within the reach of everyone. However, there are a number of requirements for entering this industry. You are required to have a professional driver's license. You will also be required to have your car licensed by the Uber company. Before you embark on this adventure, take the time to find out all of the formalities upon entering this industry.

Getting licensed as a professional driver

Before you can become an Uber driver, you must already be licensed as a professional driver. That is, you need to be licensed to do passenger transportation. The way to access this VTC document is a set of exams that you must pass. In this environment, there are two exams, one of which is the option of a VTC card to practice with a single car. The second exam is for people who want to set up a business of transporting people with a fleet of vehicles. To learn more about the chauffeur business, check out this full article.

Formalizing your status as a professional driver

Once you have your authorization in hand, you need to formalize your status vis-à-vis the law. Indeed, as a professional driver, you practice on your own account. Your activity is comparable to a service provision and is subject to a specific regime. Therefore, think about getting in line with the jurisdiction. If you have to set up a company with several people, you will have to choose among the statutes of the type SARL, SAS or EURL.

Have a car approved by the company

Once you have the documents proving your status as a professional driver up to date, you will need to think about acquiring a vehicle. Then submit it for approval with the relevant Uber departments. Depending on the specifics of the car you have, the company will put you in one of these vehicle categories. In the UberX category, they put cars that are 6 years old and dark in color. In the Van category, they put vehicles that have 4 years of life on the clock and that have a dark color. The Sedan category groups the vehicles that have for working ground in the big cities. Finally, the UberGreen range includes hybrid or electric cars. The last action consists in subscribing to an insurance to cover the risks of damage which your customers or third persons could face during the exercise of your job.