Some simple ways to overcome insomnia

Adequate sleep is the key to good health. During sleep, hormones are produced in the body, tissues are restored and physical strength is rebuilt. We share the most effective ways to help you fall asleep quickly and sleep better.

Use the bed only for its intended purpose

Don't turn your bed into a dining room or workspace. Start using it only for its intended use for sleep (well, and sex). This furniture should be strongly associated with relaxation. This technique allows you to develop a conditioned reflex to your own bed. Every time you lie on it, your brain receives a signal that it's time to go to sleep. The quality of the bedding can also affect sleep. This is a good reason to buy new comfortable pillows and a mattress. Swedish research has shown that sleeping under a weighted blanket (about 10% of your body weight) is very beneficial. It helps to relieve anxiety, calm down and relax. When buying bedding, opt for products made from natural fabrics.

Tune your body clock

Proper sleep patterns are essential for mental and physical health. Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day. This will program your body clock and allow you to normalize sleep. Our body has a special control system of circadian rhythms. They give the body the mindset to stay awake in the morning and sleepy in the evening. Once you have adjusted to the new schedule, it will be much easier to fall asleep quickly and wake up easily. It is thought that an adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep to maintain youth, health and high productivity. Understanding how much sleep you need is only possible experimentally. There is no universal recipe.