How to properly bathe a dog?

Compared to other animals, baths are very rare in the environment of our dear friends the dogs. Being domesticated, we take care of it in a very special way. So to wash him, it takes a lot of time and therefore to follow a process to do it well in its time.

When to wash your dog?

Indeed, the bath of a dog should not be a constraint for you. Because in reality, it is a job that is done sporadically. And about this fact, you can read more here. For now, what you need to know is that washing a dog too frequently is a problem. From now on, you should not think about it because you can still cause damage to your canine. On the body of the dog is the sebum, a kind of protective material that must be permanently on the skin of the dog.

By washing him regularly, he could have a total absence of this layer on his body. Professionals suggest that you introduce your dog to this bathing ritual after the age of two. Otherwise, it won't do any good. Especially since your dog's coat is not yet fully grown before that age.

Washing your dog: how do you go about it?

To shower your dog, you must first give him a few strokes with a brush. Above all, do this exercise outside to avoid splashing hair all over the room where the bathing will take place. Also, a brush adapted to his coat should be the priority that you have to take care of.

After that, put your dog in a bathtub and run him a warm water bath with shampoo adapted to his body to avoid exposing him to skin aggressions. Wet him from head to toe, taking care not to hit his eyes and especially his ears. Rinse him off with a large stream of water and dry him with a clean towel.