How to choose a quality eyelash extensions training?

When considering eyelash extension training, choosing quality training is essential. But to make the right choice, several aspects must be taken into account. Nevertheless, given the multitude of options available, determining the most suitable choice can pose a challenge. This is precisely why several elements are available to help you make the right choice. In this article, you will discover in detail each point in order to guide you in choosing an eyelash extension training.

Reputation and experience of the trainer

Before choosing a quality training in eyelash extensions, find out about the experience of the trainer. You need to know how many years he has been in lash extensions training. Solid experience is an important indicator of the trainer’s skill and knowledge. Look for references and testimonials from people who have taken the training provided by this trainer.
The positive reviews and recommendations give you an idea of the quality of the teaching and the skills imparted. Ask to see examples of work done by the trainer or previous students. A high-quality portfolio of work gives you an idea of the skill level and style of eyelash extension being taught.

Program content

When choosing quality eyelash extension training, make sure that the program includes a theoretical part. This part must address their structure, their growth cycle, the different characteristics of natural eyelashes. The program must address different techniques for applying eyelash extensions, such as individual applications. Russian volume, Mega Volume.
Make sure the program places a strong emphasis on safety and hygiene in the practice of eyelash extensions. It should include clear guidelines on sanitizing tools, infection prevention, allergy testing, chemical management. Check to see if the program offers educational materials such as manuals, videos, illustrated guides, or online resources.

Duration and intensity of training

Find out about the total duration of the training, that is to say the number of hours or days expected to complete the program. A comprehensive training should generally cover all the necessary basics and provide plenty of time to practice the skills. Make sure that the training allocates a balanced time between the theoretical part and the practical part. 
An adequate combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises allows you to understand the concepts and develop the necessary skills. Check if the training includes practical sessions on real models, so that you can apply the techniques learned. The training should include adequate supervision and coaching during the practical sessions. The attention and advice of an experienced trainer are essential to correct your mistakes, improve your techniques and develop your confidence.


Certification is a crucial element to consider when choosing eyelash extension training. Recognition of the certification is paramount, as it builds your credibility as a professional and opens up job opportunities. Check if the certification is respected and recognized in the eyelash extension industry. The organization issuing the certification must have a solid reputation and be recognized in the sector. 
Make sure you understand the specific requirements to get certified and meet them. Check the validity of the certification over time and inquire about renewal requirements. If you plan to work abroad, make sure the certification is internationally recognized. Compare the costs of different courses, but don’t choose based on price alone. Feedback from former students can be valuable in assessing the quality of training.