How to build a winter garden?

You hear about conservatories, but you don't know what they really are. That's why you want to know more about conservatories. So, don't worry, you will find in this article how to build a winter garden.

What is a winter garden?

To help you understand this article, we will zoom in on the meaning of a conservatory. Indeed, a winter garden is a form of geodesic dome, glass structure of veranda type that comes in the extension of the living room. Inside a conservatory, exotic flowers are often stored to protect them from the cold. In the 19ᵉ century, this type of arrangement was very common, especially in castles. You can find a collection of palm trees with other variety of plant brought from elsewhere. These rooms are usually used for special and intimate receptions or simply to have tea with family or friends in a friendly atmosphere.

Apart from the famous Henri Salvador's tube, the winter garden is an indoor garden, located in an enclosed room with glass (for light), dedicated only to the cold winter periods.

Your plants and trees will be protected from the polar air, in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

How to set up a conservatory

To build a conservatory, you just need to make a type of glass veranda right at the entrance of the living room. After the construction of this veranda, you only need to arrange it. When it comes to the design of your conservatory, you need to create a cozy nest space. To do this, feel free to add as many pillows as you can. Also, store your exotic flowers on one side and furniture on the other. Make sure that the seating is of good quality and very comfortable. Because, you can use this room for important appointments or for relaxing moments with your family. You can also install any other thing that will make you happy such as music, books. For a perfect layout, make a relaxation corner and a reception corner on the other side. This is how you can build a winter garden.