How to advertise a lost dog?

You have just bought yourself an incredible little puppy of a special breed and from one day to the next you can't find him anywhere at home! Don't panic, read this article to find out what to do in such cases.

Using social networks

Social networks are an effective means of communication, as they allow you to reach a larger audience instantly. When posting on a social networking platform, tell yourself that i was reading this, without knowing the dog, I could imagine it.. This suggests that your publication should be as detailed as possible. 

Through a world-renowned platform like Facebook, where the majority of users post what they are doing at any given time, you may come across a photo of your dog. On this platform, and with the updates that have been made since, it is possible to make an announcement in the form of an alert.

All you have to do is follow the configuration steps and if you want, customise the options. This means that only the most followed people on Facebook can access your alert. However, this option is not free, as it suggests that these people will help you in your search.

Registering with the animal protection authorities

In France, there are laws that are passed all the time to ensure the survival of animals in society. Mainly domestic animals, such as dogs, cats and horses. That is why it is recommended to assign a code to each pet if you are the owner. This code is written on a collar or limb in a discreet manner. 

If you are having trouble finding your dog, you can go to an animal welfare organisation to report it missing. They will ask you to fill in a document before they start searching. They can help you find your pet as soon as possible