Driverless cars, let's talk about it

Nowadays, there are revolutions in the automotive field. We realize that car design has become a passion for many designers. Thus, in this diversity of product range are driverless vehicles. Are you interested? So let's go and discover these magnificent creations of cars of the moment.

Top 5 self-driving cars and features

First, remember that the majority of these devices are only at the state of invention. Some have been released to the market. But are not 100% equipped with autonomous conduction. In the first place is the Audi A8 which is level 3 that is to say without any attention from the driver. For legislative issues, it is not for sale. We find the Tesla which therefore presents the 2.0 driving system. Note that the driver must nevertheless be vigilant. The Mercedes E and S class are also part of the lot. Both models were confused for a maneuver regarding parking the car. In fourth place, the BMW is capable of managing traffic jams without input from the driver. Finally, we have the Volvo, whose basic principle is to avoid driver-related accidents.

How are they particular and revolutionary?

You should know that the automotive revolution of the following centuries passes through these machines. Indeed, we find that the first factor in accidents is the driver. This is why vehicles designed today aim to integrate the latter less. In addition to that the models of these machines respond to an impressive design. It gives us attraction and arouses lusts. Note also that these funds are often intended for a category of individuals. They invest enough money in it. What pushes designers to innovate more in this field of manufacture. We could therefore say that they earn more than regular funds. One of their strengths is that they are equipped with visualization devices to assess traffic risks. These are radars, a scanner as well as cameras. They are just cars of the future.